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Management Team Dedicated to Your Success.

At Lend At Ease, you will consistently receive support from the management in your training and day-to-day tasks and receive compliance support.

We help you establish your business from your very first mortgage transaction without compromising your commission.

Lend At Ease has the best compliance support in its industry – you will be made aware of industry changes as they take place.

Unlike many Mortgage Brokerages, Lend At Ease does not require our professionals to be associated with any kind of Associations (MPC or CMBA).

Our Errors and Omissions annual insurance fee is a very competitive low rate in the industry.

What’s more, from time to time, Lend At Ease holds incentive programs which highlights our top performers.

  • If you are an experienced Broker or Agent with a solid track record and a true love for our industry and helping people, consider Lend At Ease.
  • If you are new to our industry, you will highly appreciate our hands on training!
  • At Lend At Ease there is a whole team supporting our brokers and agents.
  • You can easily access our Online Tools that will enhance your knowledge
  • Ongoing mentoring for new agents to get them a head start in their careers.
  • Constant support to help you develop your industry expertise

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At Lend At Ease regardless of market conditions, our priority is the well being of our Brokers, Agents And Customers. If you love helping clients with their mortgages contact us at